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SCHOOL EDUCATION “School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside” – Lon Waters

The education imparted by schools can be thought of as the transmission of the values and accumulated knowledge of a society. It is designed to guide them in learning culture and directing them toward their eventual role in society. School is an inevitable part of a person’s life. It is the place where a child is indulged in various social events for the very first time. The primary interaction of a child is with his/her family members only but the first secondary interactions outside the family happen at school only. Nothing can diminish the importance of the school. 

School brings a revolutionary change in a person’s life. Besides academics, children also learn a wide range of important life skills like good manners, teamwork, sharing, responsibility, and unity. Have you ever wondered why many state governments are providing free education facilities to needy ones? It is so because education is fundamental to growth. When a person is educated then they become capable of improving their family’s conditions and contributing to the nation’s growth. Studying in an environment provided by the school teaches students some soft skills which eventually help them in their adulthood. It creates better employment opportunities, which provides a chain of benefits. It helps in securing higher income and a prosperous lifestyle which leads to improving the growth of the nation. If by providing education, we can have numerous benefits then why not just educate everybody and solve every problem? NO! It is not an easy task. Over a while, it has been realized that the quality of education in India has been degraded. Some students have started cramming the lessons as every decision is made based upon their marks. Although private schools are now present in every corner of the world, the results produced by them are far beyond satisfactory. The exorbitant fees charged by these private institutions are forcing people to lend money which comes with a lot of other financial and mental problems. Not even this, some school teachers are facing a dearth of moral values as they can’t keep the environment safe and healthy for students. This is not what parents expect from schools.   Today, we need a system where education should be easily accessible even to the poorest of the poor. The focus should be more on developing students’ analytics skills rather than just pushing them into a situation where students end up cramming the lessons. 

The condition of the education sector today is critical. Intelligence plus personality should be the real education. A  student should not run behind just scoring marks but rather they should be encouraged to have conceptual clarity and sharpen their analytics skills. Everybody should understand that school education is the passport to the future, tomorrow it belongs to those who prepare for it today. Cramming lessons will be of no use. Education should be considered as a tool to liberate minds, not just a tool to earn a livelihood.

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