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Tutor FAQs


Are Tutorcabin Programs Applicable for All Classes?

TutorCabin learning programs are for students from LKG to Class 12. We also offer programs for competitive exams like JEE, NEET, and Banking, IAS.

How Do I Get Started?

Download the app or connect with our team at +91 8839019521 for a free demo session.

Do All Programs Have Live-Doubt Solving?

Live doubt-solving feature is available as a part of TutorCabin Classes offering.

What Is a Free Demo Class and How Do I Register for It?

Your child can attend a free demo class by our top teachers to experience our programmes first-hand. This is a great way to understand TutorCabin way of teaching. Our counsellor will help book a demo class for you at your convenience.

Are the Demo Classes Free?

Yes, they are free. More details about the demo classes will be provided by our counsellor.

Are Tutorcabin Programs Mapped to the School Syllabus/Curriculum?

Yes, the programs are personalised for students as per the school syllabus.

How Is Tutorcabin Classes Different From Tutorcabin – The Learning App?

TutorCabin Classes is a comprehensive online tutoring program. It brings together online classes by India’s top teachers along with instant doubt resolution. Your child can revise through extra classes with TutorCabin assigned teachers and access lessons on the TutorCabin app too. Additionally, TutorCabin Classes offer monthly tests along with comprehensive monthly progress reports.

What Is the Difference Between Tutorcabin Teacher and Tutorcabin Mentor?

TutorCabin provides India’s best teachers and subject matter experts to teach and clear doubts of the students in an ongoing class. Whereas, the mentor is a dedicated person assigned to every student who helps them strengthen their foundations, align their learning to long-term goals and become self-initiated learners. Also, PTA meetings are regularly conducted by the mentors to discuss the students’ progress.

Where Can I Track My Child’s Progress?

A child’s progress can be accessed through the Parent Zone section in the app. A progress report is available for every child and can be accessed by switching the profile.

What Languages Are the Learning Programs Available In?

The TutorCabin programs are available in English and have subtitles in regional languages – Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi and Tamil .

Do Tutorcabin Learning Programs Need the Internet?

Yes. Internet connection is required for the app to work unless you have bought a paid version that comes with an SD card.

Can I Use Tutorcabin Apps by Connecting to a Laptop for a Bigger Screen?

Yes, we have screen mirroring/casting features available for our application.

Is the App Available for Free?

The app is free to download and some content is free of charge. You have to purchase the program to access the complete learning program.

When Do I Start Getting Charged?

You will be charged based on your plan at the end of your 15-day trial.

Do You Provide Customer Support?

Yes, we provide customer support for all our enrolled users. You can write to us at or on our support site.

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