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E-Learning and the Future of Education

A learning curve is essential for the growth of any individual. Irrespective of its form, a person should continue learning because there is always “one more” thing to learn. These days e-learning is in trend. It is a revolutionized way of learning to get ample knowledge through various channels such as e-books, CDs, webinars, and more. It is the most effective way to use technology and to provide education to those who weren’t able to get quality education due to various barriers. A student having a keen desire to learn can study anytime, anywhere because of e-learning.

It is beneficial for not only students but also teachers. Teachers can teach from anywhere in their preferred time. The future is uncertain but at least we can predict that with the fast-changing technology and the need for adapting the “learn while doing” approach, e-learning can be proved as a profitable mechanism to learn. It is a quick way of learning and accommodates everybody’s needs. Students can acquire practical skills in this online mode using mind-boggling technology without even visiting any institute. The effectiveness of the transferred knowledge and learning is high and powerful. It makes information easy to grasp and absorb. The Audio-Visuals help in remembering knowledge for a longer time.

Apart from just being an effective way of learning, it is cost-efficient as well. It saves traveling and accommodation costs and of course, time for both parties. The benefits of e-learning aren’t just restricted to the aforesaid. It comes with a chain of benefits.

Nothing is perfect in this world, neither is E-learning. Consider yourself lucky if you’re located in an area where the internet connection is fast and stable. Moreover, the scope of personal development is missing in E-learning. Students can’t interact with their peers and get to know watch other. Apart from that, in traditional classes teachers used to keep a check on every student but in online classes, teachers aren’t left with any option but rather to trust students. Students get involved in various malpractices since nobody is there to keep a check on their activities.

Still, E-learning might be the future of education because the benefits of e-learning outweigh its demerits. There will be a dynamic change in the education system. Even the government is contributing to the same in many ways. The New Education Policy 2019 is a step towards improving our current education system. Now the focus will be on technical and professional education. Students will get to acquire skills rather than just learning texts. Initially, in this whole process, there will be challenges like people would find it difficult to get acquainted with the new techniques of learning and might not support it but implementing every innovation takes time. There will be a shift from working on notebooks to working on laptops, which will be difficult for people, but the final results will be quite effective and efficient at the same time.

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