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How to Motivate Your Child During Pandemic

Lockdown was never easy and now even only working from home is never, taking care of a child is also an important thing. make sure your child remains busy motivated and happy, sit with them, talk with them, and if got time tries to play some indoor games which will make them happy in these difficult times as they can not go to schools and can not meet friends so until they are at home try to be good friends with them…

Some of the Wonderful Ideas to Keep Your Child Motivated Are:

Plan Routine Together

In a pandemic as most of our time is spent inside the house. As a parent, it is the best time to spend some quality time with your kids. These are not easy times for anyone but to be mentally strong is important and supporting kids and keeping them busy with some or other activities is beneficial to them busy.

Work Together

To keep children busy ask them to help in the household chores which will be really a good option to keep them busy and this will inculcate the habit of helping in chores and it will enhance their support quality.

Study with them

Education is a sector which is hardly hitten by this pandemic so to cope up with this it is really important to sit and study with them make them comfortable, motivated and has a regular conversation about the topics they have studied so that in-game manner they will have a quick revision of what they had studied.

Avoid Gadgets

DIGITALIZATION has been the best way to cope up with this pandemic and lockdown even it helps children to learn from online platforms, with this social media has also taken the front seat so take part in the play and keep in touch with their friends. But increased access online brings heightened risks for children’s safety, protection and privacy.

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  • Activities Which Keep Child Motivated in Lockdown?
    Reading novels, playing together, cooking, stories all will be the best things to pass lockdown.
  • Is Online Study Effective in Lockdown?
    Yes, many institutions provide online education like TutorCabin.
  • Is Education a Burden for Students in Pandemic?
    It would have been if online institutions would not have been there, but now studies are fun with online tutors.

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